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Welcome to the Arboretum Residents Association
Bem-vindo à Associação de Moradores Arboretum
আরবোরেটুম অধিবাসীদের এসোসিয়েশন স্বাগতম
Witamy w Arboretum Stowarzyszenia Mieszkańców

Latest News


Latest Arboretum News

New Art in the Arboretum

As part of the renovation of Westbury Community Gardens, now renamed as Westbury Pocket Park, local residents recently unveiled a new sculpture on the site. Named “The Trades Tree” the images on the sculpture reflect the industries in which residents of the Arboretum used to work whilst the shape of the sculpture echoes the land use of the area before becoming a residential site. The 2.5 metre sculpture comprises... Read More..

ARA Minutes

November 2016 committee meeting minutes

Minutes of the committee meeting held on 8th of November 2016 in the Baptist Church Hall, Sansome Walk. Present: Jane Moorehouse (Chairman), Paul  Brohan (Vice Chair), Bob Whitelaw (Secretary), Michelle Newell (Cleaner and Greener), Dominique Thresher, Peter Moorehouse, Alice Spearing (St Richard’s Hospice), Mark Boys (Community Service Officer), Matt Jenkins (County Councillor), Claire Durant, Liz Brooks, George Squires, Joy Squires. Apologies: Janet Leetham, Ruth Davies, Sue Avery. Treasurer’s Report:... Read More..


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